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Where is the watershed of the waste incineration plant after strengthening the emission values of five pollutants

in the era of strong supervision, waste incineration plants will also tend to be more refined operation and management. According to the regulations on the use of automatic monitoring data of live waste incineration power plants for environmental management (Trial), which was released a month ago, the electrolyte and diaphragm of raw lithium-ion batteries are becoming more and more important to improve battery performance and safety, waste incineration will strengthen the limit of incineration temperature in the incinerator on the basis of focusing on the automatic monitoring data. This also means that in order to extend the service life of the machine, there is a new entry threshold for the "money scene" waste incineration power generation project

automatic monitoring data has gradually become the "amulet" of nearly 38 "these media in China. There have been 0 waste incineration power plants abroad

as the "frontier sentry" to supervise the emission behavior of enterprises, automatic monitoring has the advantage of continuous operation. The importance of monitoring data is self-evident for waste incineration power generation limited by "adjacent avoidance"

the chaos of environmental protection and low-cost competition that began two years ago once made waste incineration, which was already in the "Misreading", fall into the forefront of public opinion again. Behind the "hyped up" market value space of waste incineration, it also intensifies market competition and, to a certain extent, catalyzes "Jerry building" in the construction and operation of some projects

however, this does not hinder the increasingly "urgent" launch of the "very profitable" waste incineration project, which has multiple advantages of intensive, low-carbon and resource utilization

public information shows that more than 20 regions have announced the planning and bidding of relevant projects to be carried out in the region in recent time

on the one hand, by 2020, the proportion of municipal solid waste incineration capacity in the harmless treatment capacity will account for half of the country, but in terms of the current actual situation, it is still far from the above goals

even though the growth rate of waste incineration has been maintained at about 11.28% in the past seven years, in the view of many people in the industry, this difference is still fixed at 300000 tons/day. This also means that there is still room for a sharp rise in waste incineration projects

how to make the waste incineration plant stable and far-reaching

in March 2019, a notice from the Ministry of ecological environment gave a clear answer. This is the "provisions on the use of automatic monitoring data of domestic waste incineration power plants for environmental management (Trial)"

according to the regulations, the calculation of the daily mean value of automatic monitoring of pollutants shall comply with the data transmission standard of pollutant monitoring (monitoring) system (HJ). Automatic monitoring equipment shall be subject to quality control in accordance with the relevant provisions on quantity value traceability

within a natural day, if one or more automatic monitoring daily mean values of particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, carbon monoxide and other pollutants at any discharge outlet exceed the daily average limit specified in the following table or local standards, it can be determined that the emission of flue gas pollutants exceeds the standard

see Table 1 for specific parameters

except for "CEMS (continuous emission monitoring system) maintenance", including Baoshan Iron and steel, Shanghai Jinhu Rili plastic, Bolu Trading (Shanghai), Bluestar silicone (Shanghai), Bosch rubber (Shanghai), kostron polymer (China) and other exemptions, the lack of data in the waste incineration plant can be recognized as the abnormal operation of automatic monitoring equipment

if the above situation occurs at several discharge outlets of the same waste incineration plant within a natural day, it is regarded as several illegal acts

if the data of the automatic monitoring equipment is missing due to maintenance, it shall be marked on the enterprise side of the automatic monitoring system of key pollutant discharge units within 1 hour. Within a natural month, if the incinerator corresponding to any discharge outlet is judged to exceed the standard for more than 5 days in total, it shall be ordered to stop production for rectification according to law

at the same time, it is convenient for law enforcement and evidence collection. The waste incineration plant should ensure that the average value of the thermocouple measurement of the incineration temperature in the incinerator furnace under normal working conditions is not less than 850 ℃. Otherwise, it can be regarded as abnormal operation of waste incineration process

in the view of many people in the industry, this also means that the waste incineration plant must confirm that the furnace temperature meets the standard through direct measurement. This will also help the public to intuitively understand the process of waste incineration and alleviate the suspicion that the incineration process is opaque

mark the automatic monitoring data according to the working conditions of the incineration system and the abnormal CEMS as the basis for judging whether it belongs to the exemption situation. Among them, the details of the four "exemptions" are shown in the following figure:

previously, installing automatic monitoring equipment according to law, setting up electronic display screens at the gate of the plant, automatic monitoring data and environmental protection departments have become "necessary options" for waste incineration power plants

in the view of guoyungao, Secretary General of the waste power generation special committee of the China Environmental Protection Federation, the promulgation and implementation of the regulations will also upgrade the illegal discharge behavior existing in waste incineration power generation projects from "watching" to "grasping", which will effectively deter illegal discharge behavior

at this point, "building more waste incineration plants" is obviously no longer the fundamental way to solve the problem of "waste besieging the city". Instead, it is to vigorously improve the benefit space of waste incineration plants by promoting up to standard emissions and refined operations

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