After the cooperation of network terminals, China

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After the cooperation of network terminals, China Unicom will join hands to engage in "service"

after the cooperation at the level of 4G network construction sharing and terminals, China Telecom and China Unicom will work together again this morning to start the cooperation of customer service quality improvement plan. Since the high-level exchanges between the two sides, the friendship between China Telecom Unicom has become more and more profound

in November 2015, when the wave of merger was still strong, China Unicom issued an urgent red head document, which made it clear that it would carry out cooperation with Chinatelecom in the field of network construction, that is, on the basis of the existing co construction and sharing work, carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of network construction, so as to save investment and improve efficiency. Therefore, the two group companies decided to establish group, provincial and municipal working groups and establish a perfect joint working mechanism

of course, such matters have nothing to do with merger and reorganization. But it also opened the door to in-depth cooperation between the two sides, after the exchange of leaders

another node for further cooperation is that in the afternoon of December 11, 2015, China Unicom jointly released the white paper on six mode all access terminals. This is another hand in hand at the terminal level after the sharing and cooperation between the two sides in the 4G network. Although the form of the release site is simple, the leaders present are enough; The meeting was short-lived but of far-reaching significance

in addition to networks and terminals, the new head of Unicom, Wang Xiaochu, also proposed that China Unicom would concentrate resources on 4G and promote the network resource sharing plan with other friends to rapidly expand 4G network coverage; In terms of terminals, we will fully focus on 4G, adhere to the all-in-one system in the medium and high-end market, and promote the commercial use of HD voice, VoWiFi and volte to improve the call experience

in terms of specific products, according to Wei Xiuchang, general manager of China Unicom's market operation Department, China Unicom launched a 4G master and slave card package on the basis of the shared package. The voice, data flow and other resources in the package are shared between the master and slave cards, and the local calls between the master and slave cards are free

cooperation has been promoted time after time, and friendship has been deepened time after time

when it comes to the in-depth cooperation of China Telecom Unicom, Han Yuan, a UL verified information industry observer, said in an interview with an we media that there are many places that China Telecom Unicom can cooperate, generally including networks, Jinan trial fund, which officially opened on October 8. There is in-depth cooperation or integration at the terminal, channel, operation, product, talent and capital levels. (the above is from the communication headline)

in addition to the 4G network construction sharing and terminal cooperation that have been cooperated, it can also coordinate the channel subsidy mechanism, joint operations of various businesses, as well as product differentiation coordination, talent exchange, and even capital level cooperation, Han Yuan believes

on January 13, the two sides will cooperate again in improving customer service. Is holding hands again and again purely to save investment and improve efficiency? Or do you want to form an alliance of Wu and Shu to compete with China Mobile through the advantages of FDD LTE + TD-LTE dual 4G? Please pay attention to the follow-up articles of flying elephant

however, competition and cooperation are inevitable in the communication Jianghu. But in the long run, as Han Yuan said, cooperation is better than non cooperation in this industry. As long as we cooperate sincerely, we have a chance to win after the handling is completed. If we still fight hard, we may lose both

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