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Lide Huafu: after joining Schneider Electric

since joining Schneider Electric at the end of 2011, Lide Huafu has faded from the media vision for a while. Then, you hear some new words associated with it, such as atv1200 and full range carefree 1. Generally speaking, there are only two kinds of experimental machines: movement direction (or force direction) and frequency conversion housekeeper solution. These words are like adding new colors to brocade, making Lide Huafu, a leading Chinese high-pressure brand, bloom with new ideas after joining Schneider. In addition, Lide Huafu, which has returned to the media vision, is becoming more rational and practical. In the past two years, Lide Huafu has voluntarily abandoned some orders and unfamiliar business models based on reasonable profits, focusing on improving product quality and service level, and these efforts are transforming into Lide Huafu's new competitive advantage. This issue of "control and transmission" is in line with the theme of large-scale transmission. I am honored to invite Mr. Chen Jianfeng, general manager of Beijing Lide Huafu Electric Technology Co., Ltd., to listen to him talk about the changes of Lide Huafu after joining Schneider Electric and some thoughts on the development of large-scale transmission in China at present

worry free new strategy throughout the process

joining Schneider Electric is like dropping a bomb on the industry. However, after this explosive news, the industry immediately turned its attention to some changes in Lide Huafu after joining. For them, for its general manager Mr. Chen Jianfeng, this change is more worthy of expectation. Mr. Chen Jianfeng believes that this change is relative to the structure before the adjustment. He does not shy away from telling the situation of Lide Huafu before joining Schneider: like many domestic peers, Lide Huafu used to compete for orders in the market mainly by competing for prices and catching up with the time limit, achieving the goal of rapid growth and seizing market share. After joining, in order to develop more reasonably and scientifically, Lide Huafu reinvested 30 million yuan in industry and quality system with the help of Schneider's advanced production and quality management concept, and completed the complete upgrading and transformation of the industrial system. And put the safety of products in the first place, and made a series of product improvements for this purpose. For example, in view of the high-voltage characteristics of the converter bypass cabinet, Lide Huafu has made a new design in full accordance with the standards of the high-voltage switchgear for the safety of the bypass cabinet, increased the explosion-proof and grounding design of the cabinet, and specially increased the safety program operating mechanism for possible misoperation. The new bypass cabinet will also be launched in mid-2014

the direct effect of these practices is that in the past two years, the improvement of product quality has been fully recognized by the market, and users who have used a variety of brands have really felt the difference between Lide Huafu products and other domestic manufacturers in terms of stability

in addition to the changes in product quality and safety, Lide Huafu shifted part of its R & D resources to cooperate with Schneider Electric's R & D centers in France and Austria, and assisted Schneider to launch the new atv1200 series products within one year. For this product, Lide Huafu successfully realized the industrial assembly in the Beijing factory, making the Beijing factory the same as Schneider Austria, which has passed the Schneider system certification

while insisting on providing safer products that meet the needs of Chinese users, Lide Huafu adheres to the value of quality first in the market, does not rely on price war to seize the market, nor does it compress the normal construction period and relax quality control because of orders. Lide Huafu took the initiative to give up its unfamiliar business model, such as contract energy management. Taking the initiative to give up makes Lide Huafu pay more attention to relying on partners to deal with similar business needs, and clarifies the position of not competing with partners. At the same time, based on reasonable profits, Lide Huafu also voluntarily gave up some orders in 2012, and continued to improve its cash flow in the case of a poor macroeconomic environment

in terms of service, Lide Huafu introduced Schneider service management platform and established a customer care center to systematically manage and track every problem and reflection of users. After more than a year of efforts, Lide Huafu users have been used to solving problems and finding answers through the 400 platform, and customer satisfaction continues to improve

in the second half of 2013, Lide Huafu refined and summarized these measures to improve user satisfaction into a whole process worry free strategy, including three core value points and a set of specific actions, that is, quality worry always adheres to quality first and truly runs the concept of quality through product design, supplier selection and production process control; Worry free operation, from simple equipment sales to full life-cycle user support services; Service worry free from passively solving fault problems to actively preventing faults and providing consultation and training to users

in the autumn of 2013, Lide Huafu released a frequency conversion housekeeper solution based on information technology and big data mining. Through 24-hour, 24-hour, real-time observation of equipment operation status, all data are calculated, analyzed, stored and decided, and the prediction of potential risks is established, and timely maintenance or repair is carried out to prevent trouble. In addition, it is supplemented by a butler type remote service center to establish equipment archives throughout the life cycle, provide guidance on parameter optimization, improve operation efficiency and equipment life, and practice the service concept of making users worry free in the whole process

Mr. Chen Jianfeng said that the whole process worry free strategic adjustment is based on the market conditions observed by the company's management team: it will promote Lide Huafu to develop in a more rational direction

insight into the development of the industry

Mr. Chen Jianfeng said that the whole process worry free strategic adjustment is based on the market conditions observed by the company's management team: after more than ten years of development, high-voltage converters have been widely used and accepted in various industries. However, on the one hand, manufacturers are mixed, good and bad, which makes it impossible for users who do not really understand the core technology of the frequency converter to make a correct and reasonable choice. At the same time, many manufacturers only pay attention to the superficial growth of sales, but the product quality and service level are greatly reduced. When the economic situation is bad, there are problems in profit margin and cash flow; On the other hand, at the level of purchase decision-making, the decision-making of the purchase department and the user department is separated, resulting in the purchase selection only focusing on the short-term purchase cost and ignoring the long-term operation and risk cost. Under the above two dual forces, domestic brand frequency converters blindly focus on price vicious competition and seriously affect product quality

Lide Huafu's ideal is to return the high-voltage inverter market to a rational market: users really pay attention to the value created by the good operation of products and strengthen cooperation with manufacturers in operation optimization; Manufacturers adhere to quality first and compete around technology and service innovation; Domestic peers and users can recognize this concept and drive the whole market away from low-cost competition and towards value innovation

since its establishment in 1998, Lide Huafu has continuously made value innovation breakthroughs in the high-voltage field. It is the first enterprise in China that will produce high-voltage converters with disordered codes after independent research and development and production changes. It is also a well deserved leader in the field of high-voltage frequency conversion in China. Today, many domestic high-voltage peers have a certain origin with Lide Huafu more or less. Mr. Chen Jianfeng said that the past success of Lide Huafu was largely due to the company's strong promotion of the application of high-voltage frequency converters and the popularity of the application of high-voltage frequency converters by reducing costs. The leadership of Lide Huafu in the industry today also stems to a large extent from the company's culture of daring to take risks and innovate

he continued that the leading role of an enterprise in the industry is mainly reflected in whether it can understand the future development of the industry and put forward leading ideas. This leading concept must create high value in terms of user convenience and improving user efficiency

as we all know, the use of high-voltage frequency conversion is nothing more than related to the production process demand and energy saving demand, and the energy saving demand is far greater than the production process demand, this trend is very obvious. Over the past decade, Lide Huafu has been committed to providing customers with high-quality and high-performance products and energy efficiency management solutions. Through 10000 sets of high-voltage converters operating around the world, it saves 14.467 billion kwh of electricity every year, enough to light up the whole world for 10 hours! The reduction of exhaust emissions reached 19.0967 million tons, equivalent to planting 3000 hectares of green trees. Looking at the domestic market, in the coming years, although economic growth slows down, energy consumption will continue to increase with the pace of urbanization. Energy conservation and consumption reduction will still be the core driving force to improve the quality of economic growth. At the same time, the demand for energy conservation is still on the rise. Even in the context of economic restructuring, new projects in some industries (such as metallurgy, cement and other industries with overcapacity) will slow down to a certain extent, but the energy-saving demand in the broad stock market is still huge. Coupled with the encouragement of the national energy-saving policy, the improvement of users' awareness of energy conservation and their urgent demand for energy conservation, Lide Huafu's optimistic expectation of market energy-saving demand is formed

on the other hand, although the use of high-voltage converters has become increasingly popular, the application of fans and pumps will still be the main body of market demand. There is still a lot of value in helping users reduce operational risks and improve operational efficiency in these areas

worry free in the whole process is put forward for the long-term needs of this unexplored user

in addition to the application of fans, pumps and other common occasions, human demand for the exploitation and secondary development of natural resources in complex environments is also increasing, which requires that the frequency converter can improve the adaptability to special environments such as high altitude, underground, offshore and corrosive gases, and increase the new application demand for the promotion, transmission, compression and release of the first physical entrepreneurship platform in China

Lide Huafu will launch a new generation of energy feedback inverter har3000 in the first half of 2014, which is aimed at these new needs

turn to value innovation. Is this kind of packaging material harmful to human body? Recently, a series of strategic and innovative changes of Lide Huafu in the past two years are inseparable from the close cooperation and hard work of Lide Huafu's huge team members. At the same time, Lide Huafu also attaches great importance to the integration with Schneider after joining Schneider. Mr. Chen Jianfeng said that in the past two years, while fully absorbing Schneider's advanced technology and paying more attention to product safety and quality, Lide Huafu will maintain a rapid response to market demand at the research and development level and focus on meeting the standards and needs of the local market. In terms of sales team, Lide Huafu aims to become a professional sales team of high-voltage inverter in a real sense. Combined with the company's worry free new strategy throughout the whole process, we will not only improve product technology, but also grasp the needs of users in the whole life cycle. We will fully combine Lide warford's products and services to create value for users and become users' reliable consultants

at the same time, after joining Schneider, Lide warford colleagues have a larger and international career development platform, and Lide warford also provides Schneider colleagues with different training opportunities. In order to create a good working environment for each employee and provide a platform to give full play to their personal strengths, in 2013, Lide Huafu invested 5million yuan to complete the transformation of the R & D office. The personnel department also

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