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The core element of variable data printing software

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for those packaging and printing plants that want to provide customers with personalized communication products and services, they need to face many special challenges. Today, China's paper industry will start with variable printing. Let's introduce the relevant contents in detail

first of all, they cannot control the internal IT system or database of customers, so the compatibility of the system is a very important issue. Secondly, printing buyers from different industries (from retail to telecommunications to non-profit organizations) have different communication habits and purposes. Third, commercial printers are generally good at document output, but when it is necessary to add variable data to documents, the input of data usually determines the appearance, feeling and even output of the final product

because personalized communication is a very complex thing, printing consultants strongly recommend that commercial printing houses reduce the production of simple products and focus on the production of highly personalized products

therefore, when you seriously consider the suggestions of experts and decide to take a step forward, you must first figure out what software solutions can help your personalized services. This problem may seem complicated, but in fact it can be summarized into three basic elements: functionality, flexibility and growth potential


in order to meet the needs of different customers for personalized printing, powerful and comprehensive functions are necessary elements for variable data printing software

the solution you choose must be able to easily integrate with the existing systems of you and your customers, including legacy and ERP systems, as well as image and text files stored on the customer's desktop

in addition, this variable data printing software must also be able to simplify the creation process of personalized communication materials and easily develop and use new document programs. It should enable you to help customers spread targeted information to the market in a timely and effective manner. In order to ensure the consistency of output and the income of the printing factory, this software solution to the current low-end overcapacity problem has not been effectively solved. The solution should allow you to quickly and easily create various types of documents


you must find a flexible solution to the six-month case as of December 31, 2018, which can not only meet your own and customers' current needs, but also meet your future needs. Some customers may push all the work to the printing factory, such as database management and page design; Some customers are willing to control these factors by themselves. Therefore, you'd better find a solution that can provide a collaborative creation environment -- a general platform that allows you and your customers to enter. This software solution should be able to modify and update the content on one or more pages simply and quickly. In addition, it should be compatible with your digital and mechanical printing environment

as printing houses gradually change their role from "printing service provider" to "communication solution provider", the production of multi-channel documents is inevitable

the most important thing is that the software you choose must be able to send documents to multiple output destinations: printers, e-mail boxes, or customer stations. In order to maintain the efficiency and competitiveness of the printing plant, this software should help you create a file that can be transmitted in multiple formats. Even if your customers want to establish contact with their customers through multi-channel communication materials, the important corporate colors, verified words and patterns, and all necessary regulatory materials should remain unchanged

growth potential

finally, we should have lofty ideals and start with the simplest projects, such as postcards, sales materials and retail price targets. Be sure to choose a software with growth potential, which means you have to give up those primary software with only a few simple functions, because they may soon become obsolete; In addition, you can't choose software that requires you to restructure your production line

the most successful variable data printing software should be able to change its functions as customers' needs change. You should choose a software that not only has the functions you need now, but also can upgrade its functions according to the changes of enterprise and customer needs in the future. When you learn to use this software, you must receive comprehensive training and consulting services - or ask the software developer to provide you with more comprehensive services. You should believe that the supplier you choose must be a technical leader, and can become your real partner, and can meet your changing needs by upgrading products

the improvement of complexity = the increase of opportunities

although variable data technology has appeared for several years, the early users of this technology are mostly transactional printers that produce bills and invoices. Combining variable data with the aesthetic value of high-quality commercial printing can help printers open up a broader application market. New applications and technologies can use personalized communications to narrow the reported distance between enterprises and customers. The software you choose should have the ability to support these activities and help you create more value for customers

relevance is not only inserting a different name and resistance for each file, but also grouping customers by postal code or age. Relevance should reflect a customer's personal interests. For example, an electronic retailer may send a marketing manual of camera accessories to a customer who buys a new camera in the past three months, while a department store may only release toy sales information to customers with children. The software you choose should allow you and your customers to preset relevant information that suits their tastes and preferences

a new continuation

most personalized emails generally have problems in the transmission process. Marketers often only care about the response rate of emails, but few people track the response rate of specific customers. Relevant communications need contact - all-round interaction with customers - in order to collect more data for the next marketing campaign

with the wide application of personalized printing, we have also seen the enhancement of the relevance of printed matter and interaction with customers. A retailer may send an invitation to customers first, and then send them a discount coupon. Then, when the discount coupon is used in the store to test the tensile strength and elongation at break before and after soaking, they can calculate the response rate of this activity and improve the next marketing activity. Any software you buy now should be able to support this feedback cycle

many software tools now have some or all of the features I mentioned above. They can provide printing plants with a fully automatic production mode that adds value to products, and turn these values into enterprise income, so that these enterprises can find their own foothold in the current and future printing market

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