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Cornell group, China's largest aniline manufacturer, joined hands with Dow Chemical

China's largest aniline manufacturer, Cornell group joined hands with Dow Chemical

December 16, 2011

[China paint information] China's largest aniline manufacturer, Cornell joined hands with Dow Chemical, an international industrial giant, Dow Chemical recently announced, It has signed letters of intent with many chemical companies subordinate to Jilin Cornell, a subsidiary of Jilin Cornell group, to supply aniline to the Gulf coast of the United States to promote the growth of Dow polyurethane business. Dow Chemical said that Dow's MDI (diphenyl American MTS displacement sensor, the former name with the support of irrigation technology, is temposonics based methane diisocyanate, the most important raw material for polyurethane production) plant in Freeport, Texas, is the world's largest single line crude MDI production plant, so it has a competitive supply of aniline in the United States, It is crucial for Dow to meet customer needs in diversified markets and applications

he said that he signed a letter of intent with Jilin Cornell to seek opportunities for future technical and commercial cooperation related to aniline production, and discussed the options related to plant site selection, including the possibility of Cornell building an aniline production plant next door to the Dow freport plant. "In the current economic situation, Dow's customers need competitive supply. We seek reliable and competitive supply partners to strengthen our MD business in North America, so as to better serve the fast-growing energy-saving and lifestyle improving market." Steven English, global vice president of Dow polyurethane division, said, "Jilin Cornell has brought rich experience in aniline production and strong commitment to partners."

Cornell group is the largest aniline manufacturer in China and a key chemical enterprise in Jilin City. It mainly produces aniline, nitrobenzene, nitric acid, synthetic ammonia and other chemical products. At present, it has an annual production capacity of 360000 tons of aniline. According to the company's production expansion investment plan, Cornell is expected to become the world's largest seller of commercial aniline production in the future. Dow Chemical said that this project represents Dow's commitment to the U.S. manufacturing industry, and it is also a direct reflection of Dow's use of its business investment in China to promote Chinese companies to make foreign direct investment (FDI) and create employment opportunities in the United States. Dow Chemical is a diversified chemical company with businesses in about 160 countries and regions around the world. In 2010, Dow's annual sales were $53.7 billion, with about 50000 employees worldwide, 188 factories in 35 countries and more than 5000 products

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