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Three coordinate measuring instruments in high-precision measuring instruments

precision measuring instruments have really entered the development era of high-precision measuring instruments from the moment of the emergence of two-dimensional image measuring instruments. It is from that time on, high-precision measuring instruments have developed step by step from manual image measuring instruments, CNC two-dimensional to manual three-dimensional measuring instruments, and then to CNC three-dimensional, to the most high-end instruments permitted by the situation. In the development process of high-precision measuring instrument from quadratic element to coordinate measuring instrument, what has the coordinate measuring instrument gained from it, and what is the bending and compression modulus of elasticity

we know that before the precision measuring instrument was introduced into the high-precision measuring instrument, the measuring instrument we used was only the original projector. This kind of machine has great shortcomings in both measurement function and measurement accuracy. Therefore, in order to meet the development needs of the market, the secondary imaging instrument appeared in the field of vision of the market and customers, and the precision measuring instrument also ushered in the era of high-speed development of high-precision measuring instrument

among the high-precision measuring instruments, the two-dimensional image measuring instrument and the three coordinate measuring machine are the two main measuring instruments. Among them, the two-dimensional element has laid a solid foundation for the development of the high-precision measuring instrument in the automotive industry, and promoted the development of the high-precision measuring instrument. What role does the three-dimensional measuring instrument play

before the advent of the three-dimensional measuring machine, I believe that many people would not believe the emergence of such a machine. Cocoa's timely display, recording and printing of experimental data is the fact that the emergence of the three-dimensional measuring machine is an inevitable product of the development of society and the market. Of course, in the future development of high-precision measuring instruments, in order to better achieve the goal of detection, more high-end detection instruments may appear. But before it appears, CMM will still be the most advanced testing instrument in high-precision measuring instruments

so we come to the conclusion that CMM may only be a transitional product of the development of the industry in the development process of high-precision measuring instruments, but in the transition process of high-precision measuring instruments, the three-dimensional measuring instruments will continue to provide innovative solutions for automotive, packaging, construction, consumer goods, electrical/electronic and other industries with the components of high-end detection instruments, Enjoy the most advanced treatment in the precision measuring instrument industry

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