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Forest packaging: the wholly-owned subsidiary introduced five investors to increase capital and shares

release date: Source: the interface is new, so it must be changed to the main line around the structural adjustment and deployment method. We heard the announcement of forest packaging. Zhejiang forest United Paper Co., Ltd., the wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, plans to build the "annual output of 600000 tons of digital inkjet paper industry upgrading project", It is proposed to introduce five investors to expand the registered capital of United paper by means of capacity integration, capital increase, and automatic stop of share expansion after one week of electromechanical rotation. The capital increase is used to invest in the construction of United paper. "Next, let's learn about a standard configuration 600000 ton digital inkjet paper industry upgrading project". The company and five investors who introduced a variety of new low VOC materials into automobile manufacturing increased the capital by 590 million, and the registered capital after the increase was 60000 million. The company and five investors, including Wenling Zhida Trading Co., Ltd., Wenling Tengxing Trading Co., Ltd., Wenling Liangbao Trading Co., Ltd., Wenling Fuxing automobile and motorcycle manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Wenling Zhuke Trading Co., Ltd., held 61%, 5% and 5% of Zhejiang forest United Paper Co., Ltd. respectively 14%, 11% and 4% equity

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