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The core standard brand technology of foreign trade enterprises

under the background of sluggish global trade, China's foreign trade situation is complex and severe. However, there is no lack of "surfing" masters in the "headwind" of foreign trade. Standards, technology and brands are the core "passwords" for foreign trade enterprises to stand firm. With the arrival of the traditional peak sales season, they can adapt to the general trend and lead the industry. Against the backdrop of sluggish global trade, China's foreign trade situation is complex and severe recently. However, there are many surfers in the headwind of foreign trade. Standards, technology and brands are the core passwords for advantageous foreign trade enterprises to stabilize the market, adapt to the general trend and lead the industry

password 1: leading by standards, overtaking at corners

it is not easy for China's foreign trade, which has won by virtue of its labor and resource endowment for a long time, to move towards the high end of the global value chain. International leaders have led for a long time. How can they easily give up the first throne

but new entrants are not without the possibility of catching up and surpassing. Leading by standards and overtaking in curves is the answer given by Zhang Ju, vice president of hytera Communications Co., Ltd. In the 1990s, Motorola monopolized the global specialized communication market; Today, hytera occupies the second place in the global telecommunications industry with a 5% global market share

Zhang Ju takes the European market for example. The performance of many products of hytera has surpassed Motorola, and the scoring standard in the bidding is also much higher than Motorola. In March last year, hytera's German subsidiary defeated Motorola and won the bid for the national special emergency project of the Ministry of security and justice of the Netherlands. The order amount was equivalent to about 600million yuan. Chinese specialized manufacturers successfully won the bid for the national public safety network project in developed European countries

the essence of technical standards is to formulate competition rules. A technical standard can affect the whole industry. It is reported that hytera is the core drafting unit of China's first specialized communication digital trunking standard (PDT), and has become the backbone of the global mainstream communication standards association. With the extensive application of hytera's PDT products and solutions in the world, PDT standards have been applied in dozens of countries around the world, and the influence of China patent has been continuously strengthened in the world

behind hytera's construction standards and intellectual property rights is the R & D investment accounting for more than 12% of the sales revenue every year. There is no shortcut to scientific research. We need to be down-to-earth and not be attracted by other temptations. Zhang Ju said that only by pursuing diligently on the road of scientific research can the long-term R & D investment bring about the effect of accumulation

Zhang Ju frankly said that by pushing Chinese standards into the world's mainstream standards, we can exercise in the leading market and acquire the intellectual property rights of other countries, so as to build our own competitive advantage. Only by constantly innovating and actively participating in the formulation of international standards can we avoid being led by international companies

password 2: brand strategy, take root in the market

in the conference room of the headquarters of voice communications holdings in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, a brownish red map of Africa is prominently hung on the wall. Voice communications' market share accounts for 40% of key countries in sub Saharan Africa, and its sales volume reached 7billion yuan in 2015

since entering the African market in 2007, voice Holdings has been able to gain a foothold in Africa, relying on the multi brand strategy. Zhang Qi, vice president of voice holdings, introduced that the company used the Tecno brand to enter the African market, launched the infinix brand in the transformation of smart phones, established the itel brand in order to protect the main brand from the flank, and established an independent third-party customer service center with the carcare brand in order to strengthen services

the combination of different brands, such as lightness skill, internal skill and unique skill, is a different must kill skill to win the market. Tecno ranked 15th in the list of the most popular brands in 2014 according to the research and statistics of independent agency brand Africa, followed by apple

in the pictures of local media programs broadcast by the company, walking on the streets of many African countries in the south of the Sahara desert, eyes always meet the blue and white brand pattern of Tecno. Through the brand, we hope to convey the message that we are not going to leave after making money. We need to work in this place for a long time

liujunjie, chief marketing officer of voice holdings, said that good brand image comes from real concern for the African market and detailed insight into the needs of African consumers, such as the dual card and dual standby products launched for African users who are accustomed to using multiple numbers at the same time; Develop palmchat applications to increase consumer stickiness; Targeted customized development for local multilingual systems, etc

Zhang Qi said that the market environment is bad, and the OEM enterprises lack orders from big brands, which will be greatly affected. But if the company insists on its own brand, it will have no impact. When the brand becomes the core advantage, the poor economy is beneficial, because consumers tend to be more cost-effective brands

password 3: technological innovation, extended services

in the product exhibition hall of Shenzhen Zhouming science and technology headquarters building, there is a simulated highway, on both sides of which are installed intelligent street lamps independently developed by Zhouming science and technology. The street lamps have multiple functions such as security supervision and control, distress buttons, broadcasting, etc., and can also monitor the environment and weather conditions, and display PM2.5, wind force, temperature and humidity and other data in real time. Through a set of control system developed by Zhouming, the street lamp can also be changed into a communication micro base station

technological innovation has been the magic weapon of Zhouming technology for many years. Only when products and industrial technology are ahead of the world and manufacturing is in line with international standards, can they be competitive in related fields. Said Lin Mingfeng, chairman of Zhouming Technology Co., Ltd

Chinese enterprises must strengthen their industries from the perspective of the world and embrace the changes of the times in order to do a good job. Lin Mingfeng said. Facing the increasingly weak cost advantage, Zhouming took the initiative to transform, from simply based on product manufacturing and sales in the past, to extend to advertising services, creative vision, media/event operations and other fields to meet customized needs

data show that in 2015, the overseas sales revenue of Zhouming technology display products exceeded 800million yuan, an increase of 66.31% year-on-year. Among them, the annual foreign trade income of LED small spacing display products was 278million yuan, a substantial increase of 128.91% year-on-year

China has accumulated a lot of talents and industries through more than 30 years of development. We need to activate the innovation factors and build an innovation platform for people with ideas and responsibilities. Lin Mingfeng said

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