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According to foreign media reports, it was previously reported that Qualcomm coo Raul resigned less than a year after taking office and took the latest progress as CEO of another company. Memjet, a Dublin based private color printing technology company, announced the appointment of former Qualcomm chief operating officer Lynn Raul as president and CEO of the company on the 5th

Raul, the former COO of Qualcomm, served as CEO of a German color printing company.

Raul recently resigned from Qualcomm, causing widespread speculation in the industry about his next identity. Previously, there were rumors that Raul would become the CEO of Verizon, but eventually the rumors proved to be inaccurate

memjet has more than 2600 patents in printing and image processing technology, and there are also more than 2000 pending patents. Memjet company is the holding company of Argonaut private equi, a famous private equity company in the United States, whose workbench has landed in its original position

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