Main causes of fire caused by distribution lines

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Main causes of fire caused by distribution lines

fire accidents of distribution lines are mainly caused by short circuit, overload operation and excessive contact resistance of wires and cables

the main reasons for the short circuit of the distribution line are as follows:

(1) the insulated conductor is not selected according to the specific environment, and the insulation of the conductor is damaged under the influence of the harsh external environment

(2) when using bare wires, the installation height or the distance between wires is too small, resulting in the collision between wires and other conductors, or the collision between wires caused by wind

(3) wrong connection of conductor, or artificial wire collision caused by live line operation, etc

the main causes of overload of distribution lines are:

(1) improper selection of conductor section in the design of distribution lines

(2) the line is connected with electrical equipment with high power, which exceeds the load capacity of the distribution line

(3) randomly pull the conductor and arbitrarily use the special testing machine for steel strand. It is an ideal testing equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, engineering quality supervision stations and other departments to increase the load

(4) the insulation of electrical lines and electrical equipment is damaged, resulting in serious leakage, thus overload the line

the main reasons for excessive contact resistance of distribution lines are:

(1) poor installation quality, and the connection between wires or between wires and equipment is not firm and tight

(2) the joint is loose due to the thermal action or long-term vibration of the connection point

(3) there are impurities at the connection, such as oxide layer, soil, etc

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