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In depth interpretation: Hunan is not strong enough. Statistics show that the market thinking of Sany is not strong enough.

in depth interpretation: Hunan is not strong enough to retain Sany's market thinking

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Guide: Sany group, a giant in China's construction machinery industry, announced earlier that it would relocate its headquarters from Changsha, Hunan to Beijing. From the current information, the Hunan government has not released more signals forced by its own resources, which shows how to better deal with the relationship between the government and the market, the government and

Sany group, a giant in China's construction machinery industry, announced earlier that it would relocate its headquarters from Changsha, Hunan to Beijing. Judging from the current information, the Hunan government has not released more signals to be retained through its own resources, which shows that both the government and enterprises are growing and maturing on how to better deal with the relationship between the government and the market

Sany will continue to increase in the future. It is undoubtedly a very important enterprise for Hunan and Changsha. Sany's overall sales revenue will be more than 80billion in 2012. Over the years, Sany has maintained an amazing growth rate. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, Sany crossed the threshold of 10 billion and 50 billion respectively. On the one hand, it comes from the stimulating effect of the policy of expanding domestic demand on the construction machinery industry, on the other hand, it comes from the high-level enterprise operation of the Sany management team, and the industrialization led regional development strategy promoted by Hunan in recent years. The rapid growth of leading enterprises such as Sany has promoted the great development of Hunan Construction machinery industry, making it a well deserved primary industry in Hunan. Finally, Hunan and Changsha made great strides forward in the national regional economic map

the Hunan government did not force Sany this time, which made many outsiders feel a little confused, but in the author's opinion, in the market economy environment, the government's decision not to affect enterprises is correct, and it is also in line with the principle of giving play to the basic role of the market in allocating resources and correctly handling the relationship between the government and the market proposed in the report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

over the past three decades, an important reason for the great achievements of the entire Chinese economy is that the new production capacity in the industry is difficult to have a huge impact on product prices. It is through reform and opening up to establish a market economic system. It can be said that the more the market plays a fundamental role in allocating resources, the better and more dynamic China's economy will be; Any violation of this Law and the realization of national advancement and people's retreat from the economy are prone to various problems. At the 18th CPC National Congress, the top level of the central government kept saying that reform is the biggest dividend. The subtext is that there are too many obstacles restricting the formation of the market economic system at present, and it is necessary to release the institutional dividend through reform, so as to realize the sound and rapid development of China's economy

back to Sany's relocation of its headquarters to Beijing, the Hunan provincial government did not strongly retain it, but actually respected the fundamental role of the market in the allocation of resources. It is a kind of progress that the government does not cross the border to interfere in market behavior, and it is also a new thinking of "three degree" regional development with height, depth and magnanimity that must be advocated in the new round of reform

the so-called height is to look at the inevitable law of enterprise development and see the great value of internationalization for becoming a super enterprise. At present, if Sany wants to achieve a higher level and enter the club with an income of 300billion, a major thinking must be internationalization. If it wants to achieve it through international mergers and acquisitions, Sany must look for a higher platform. If Sany did not move its headquarters from Lianyuan to Changsha in those days, it would be difficult to have Sany's scale of 80billion, and it is the same now. After the acquisition of IBM's PC department, Lenovo also set its headquarters in the United States, not in China. If it is in a narrow concept of country and region, Lenovo may still be a company in the Chinese market today, and it is impossible to become a global company, and it is difficult for Lenovo to rise again now

the so-called depth is to see the value of the market for regional development. When the government does not interfere with the development of enterprises, let enterprises release their vitality in the sea of market economy and deal with the details of competitors, strategies, teams and so on. The more the government lets go, the more enterprises grow. An important reason for China's development in recent years is the rise of the private economy, that is, relatively speaking, the government's letting go of the market. Therefore, strengthening this awareness is bound to stimulate more vitality in the development of a region, rather than relying entirely on several large enterprises to support the development of a region. Such development is also sustainable. Like other regions, Hunan, who can stimulate this vitality first and fastest, is likely to seize the opportunity in the new round of regional competition

the so-called generosity means that regional development should be able to calculate big accounts. For Sany, even if the headquarters are moved and the company will build a new LEGO sustainable development material center in the headquarters and move to Beijing, Hunan is still the main production base. In fact, even if Sany is headquartered in Hunan, its manufacturing bases have begun to spread all over the country and even the world over the years. If Sany cannot be expanded, its manufacturing base in Hunan will also be difficult to expand. If Sany can be expanded, it will naturally increase the investment and tax scale of Hunan manufacturing base. Therefore, the key value of Sany for Hunan lies in its growth space. To calculate this big account, the problem will not be limited to whether the headquarters must be in Hunan

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