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How about in-depth evaluation and decryption of Haier eg10014hb88lgu1? Evaluation of advantages and disadvantages

Haier eg10014hb88lgu1 10kg Amethyst roller washing machine is a model launched in September 2019, and its performance has been relatively improved. Let's take a look at the hands-on experience, configuration and user comments, which may help you choose to refer to

I. how about Haier eg10014hb88lgu1

this haier/Haier eg10014hb88lgu1 10kg Amethyst direct drive variable frequency drum washing machine, such as the collet can hold the diameter limitation of the sample, is a new one in September 2019. According to the evaluation article, tmall planted this washing machine behind. It has a beautiful appearance and golden luxury. This washing machine is really good! Laundry effect: very good mute effect: when cleaning, there is almost no sound. The sound of dehydration point is not very loud. It is acceptable to open the door. Overall, I am quite satisfied with this model Friends in need, please click here to view more user evaluation details of advantages and disadvantages

II. Haier eg10014hb88lgu1 price quotation:

Haier/Haier eg10014hb88lgu1 10kg Amethyst direct drive variable-frequency drum washing machine fully automatic

[at the price] 9999.00 yuan


at present, the official sales price of Haier flagship store of tmall is 845.7 million tons higher than that of last year ¥ 7999.00, Friends in need may go to tmall to check the latest activity quotation quotation

III. Haier eg10014hb88lgu1 configuration parameters:

IV. Haier eg10014hb88lgu1 other user comments:

1. It meets my washing requirements, looks good, and looks forward to everything running well

now it has entered the track of legalization

2. Appearance and material: the color is flat, easy to accept, and the capacity is large enough for people to use. Washing effect: it has many functions, which can fully meet the needs of families, especially likes the quick washing function, and mixed washing in summer is also good. Mute effect: the sound is light and does not affect daily life. The master installed it neatly, in a word, he was very satisfied with it

3. Appearance and material: the color is very good, the quality is good, and the capacity size: you can install a lot every time, and the quantity of two people is enough to belong to level 1 accuracy. Laundry effect: fast washing is especially fast. When the faucet is not installed, it will not be safe. If you buy the faucet yourself, it will be stuck directly, and you don't know whether to use it or not. Silent effect: the volume is very small, and there is only a little movement, which is really good Tmall view more popular model recommendations

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