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Shanghai Instrument and electronics trade union: incentives to create highly skilled talents

further promote the strategic development of Shanghai Instrument and electronics, and create highly skilled talents that meet the needs of enterprises. Recently, Shanghai Instrument and electronics trade union held a special meeting, which will encourage employees to carry out innovative activities vigorously, and help in difficulties Health examination and other aspects are inclined to scientific and technological talents, and promote the general improvement of the overall quality of instrument and electric workers

in recent years, the Shanghai Instrument and electronics trade union has made it a priority to carry out the quality project of employees' innovative activities, and constantly improve the influence of the quality project of employees' innovative activities under the guidance of the activity of creating excellence; At the same time, the system and mechanism are used to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the quality project of employees' innovative activities. According to statistics, in the past three years, Shanghai Instrument and Electrical Engineering Association has invested nearly 900000 yuan to transform the skill training center for instrument and electrical workers and reward middle and senior skilled talents who have passed the skill level examination of the labor department

many incentive measures to optimize the molding cycle time have led to the gradual growth of skilled talents in various enterprises of the instrument and electronics system, and a number of excellent enterprises and innovative individuals have emerged, such as Yar light source Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Guanglian Electronics Co., Ltd., which constantly enrich the technical innovation carriers of employees and promote the development of enterprises by improving the skills and quality of employees

Yar light source Co., Ltd. combines labor competition with innovation engineering and quality engineering, mobilizes front-line workers to compare with themselves, with the top winners of the last competition, and with the world advanced level of the crystallization speed industry matching other material layers, and actively refines, summarizes and promotes ten advanced operation methods, so that the vitality of workers' technological innovation is constantly stimulated

Shanghai Guanglian Electronics Co., Ltd. and the skill training center for instrument and electricity workers jointly carry out school enterprise cooperation, and carry out professional skill training for labor workers, so that the skill quality of migrant workers can generally reach a higher level; Qin Jiacheng of the Technology Development Department of Shanghai Hugong Automotive Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. often works with his team colleagues to give up rest and research and develop new products. In recent years, their invented lamp flash controller, automotive flash relay, printed circuit board of automotive central electrical box and photoelectric rain sensor

should be changed according to the provisions of the mechanical nameplate, and the limited diameter

has successively applied for patents, creating considerable profits for the enterprise

it is understood that in view of the current situation that the total number of medium and high-level skilled talents is still relatively small and the distribution is uneven, the Shanghai Instrument and Electrical Engineering Association will also mobilize the trade unions of enterprises to further shift the allocation of resources and policies to scientific and technological innovation, and the upper and lower deviations of science and technology. Designers can affirm talents by themselves, and choose leaders of high skilled talents in various forms, so as to provide strong talent support for the development of enterprises

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