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In depth communication and win-win future - 2009 baccarat PA roadshow Xi'an station

at 14:00 on June 25, 2009, the "baccarat competitiveness transmission journey" pa roadshow Xi'an station seminar was grandly held in Xi'an Liyuan hotel. More than 100 local system integrators, design institutes, universities, end-users and other people in Xi'an braved the extremely hot temperature and rushed from all over the country to attend the meeting. The meeting achieved very good results and received enthusiastic response

Xi'an is an important automation town in the northwest, with most resource-based projects in the northwest. There are many large-scale national and northwest key investment projects, such as the west to east natural gas transmission project, Shaanxi to east natural gas transmission project, Changqing oil field, Shenhua Group, Lanzhou Chemical Industry, Dabancheng, the world's largest wind farm, etc. the process control market is huge, and colleges and universities are gathered. The system integrators have strong technical resources and strength. Therefore, 10 years ago, Baccalais has set up its first office in Xi'an. After 10 years of development, baccalais has won the recognition and support of many colleagues in the industry in the northwest. This is why even in the high temperature of 38 degrees, there are still more customers than originally planned to attend this meeting with high enthusiasm

this meeting focused on the X20 distributed i/o system. The engineers demonstrated to the participants that the baccarat X20 distributed i/o

system was integrated into the main CPU of a third party, including Siemens, rockwellab and Schneider. In the transformation of a large number of process control systems, the baccarat X20 distributed i/o can not only be perfectly integrated with third-party products, but also save huge costs for customers. For partners, This is undoubtedly a sharp weapon and has great market competitive advantage. APC's strict industrial standard design and the installation characteristics of fanless and cableless cabinets are also very distinctive, which has attracted the attention of many customers. At the same time, partners also pay great attention to automationstudio, a full process and fully integrated development platform. Automationstudio can support customers to develop personalized function blocks. The design of "AllInOne" greatly reduces the cost of training and learning, C advanced language support enables customers to realize complex algorithm design. The competitive product design of baccalais has been further interpreted through this activity, which has deepened the impression of partners. These competitive products and solutions will also be passed on to users in the northwest region through them

according to the performance and requirements of the flexible packaging film, the customer representative Xue Jianyong explained the application case of Baccarat

Mr. Xue Jianyong, a senior engineer from Xi'an Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., explained the application of PCC in coal mining machinery. The compact volume meets the unique requirements of coal mining electromechanical equipment to ensure the accuracy of the measurement value of the fatigue testing machine, which is of great significance. The resistance to mechanical vibration and environmental adaptability are the reasons why the bekale 2003 series is favored by customers. Mr. Xue's explanation was realistic and vivid, in simple terms, and expressed his recognition and support for baccalais products

Xu Chao, vice president of Hengxin automatic control, recalled the cooperation process with baccalais in the past 10 years. Through continuous in-depth communication and exchange, Hengxin automatic control gradually saw the strength of baccalais in technology and its strong support for partners, which enabled Hengxin automatic control to develop rapidly with the technical support of baccalais, a powerful partner, Years of cooperation between Hengxin automatic control and Beijialai and its influence in the industry have also expanded Beijialai's popularity and reputation in the northwest region, and the two sides have cooperated closely and happily. Finally, president Xu expressed his good wish to continue to deepen cooperation in the future

during the meeting, participants actively communicated with technicians

baccalais pays attention to technical training and support services, and provides flexible solutions. Its innovation requires an experimental machine with 0.5-level accuracy for scientific research and material analysis; In fact, the technical difference between the 0.5 and 1-level precision experimental machines is not obvious. The products in the northwest region rely on the support of partners for many years and enjoy a high reputation. Thanks to the recognition and support of partners for baccalais, they have made outstanding contributions to the brand promotion and expansion of baccalais in the northwest region. In order to shorten the experimental time and reduce the experimental cost, Qian'an roadshow is to further expand the influence of Beijialai through this activity, discuss and communicate with partners, deeply cultivate the market, and listen to the opinions and suggestions of partners

from the effect of the meeting, it reflects the great support of integrators in Xi'an for bekale. The serious and pragmatic cooperation attitude of bekale has won everyone's trust. They have higher expectations for bekale and also given more suggestions

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