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Landscape lighting is again blowing, and LED lighting enterprises will take the express

with the maturity of the tourism market and the arrival of the era of global tourism, urban landscape lighting has made great contributions to the comprehensive image of the city in three aspects: economy and trade, culture and tourism, and people's livelihood. The country has begun to increase the policy and investment in urban public lighting, landscape lighting, smart city construction and other aspects, and the annual sales capacity of China's new energy vehicles in 2020. Therefore, the market space of landscape lighting has become immeasurable, and multiple factors will work together to promote the sustained and rapid growth of the market demand for landscape lighting

landscape lighting has a huge market to promote technological innovation

in recent years, landscape lighting has developed its own characteristics from the traditional field with the momentum of lightning. As the economist Schumpeter said, to rearrange and combine the original factors of production into a new mode of production is innovation, and may be a more important innovation

opportunity at present, yuejing lighting takes advantage of the trend, takes innovation as its development, and focuses on displaying the outdoor landscape lighting products produced by the latest research and development. The relevant person in charge of the enterprise said, "scientific and technological innovation is undoubtedly the fundamental driving force for the development of the lighting industry. Compared with the products that most manufacturers in the market continue to use conventional materials, conventional processes and conventional concepts, the products we show this year will greatly improve the traditional methods and take the lead in the same industry, and better focus on product innovation."

yuejing lighting has many ingenious products, which continue to attract the attention of users. "We accurately grasp the market demand, make the products' new and beautiful, thin and solid, cheap and good ', and quickly open the market; in terms of product deployment, we rely on the inherent stable model, match the customer needs with the best service, and begin to enter the new rural construction." The relevant person in charge of yuejing lighting told us about the changes in the format of China's lighting market

with the development of smart cities, intelligent lighting has demonstrated its inestimable potential in improving the quality of life, improving daily lifestyles and expanding cities around the world. LED lighting presents infinite possibilities and reinterprets the meaning of lighting. Industry giants, with their keen business sense, look for new business opportunities

yuejing lighting pays attention to the current development of the industry. With its enthusiasm for the LED business, with its advanced R & D and application ability and skilled production skills, it continues to develop advanced LED lighting application products, creating a new era in the photoelectric industry. Talking about the future of intelligence, yuejing lighting believes that, "Intelligent products are very significant in some aspects, and at the same time, more enterprises will march in this direction, which will also be the mainstream sector. I think Le ensures that the clamping unit and test board are fixed in this position. D lighting should focus more on advocating energy conservation and environmental protection, and then come to intelligent applications. This is the core meaning of LED. Only after we have done enough in this area can we have the ability to develop and integrate into the intelligent platform."

the night economy is developing rapidly and the field of municipal engineering is becoming popular

with the promotion of the construction of smart cities in China, landscape lighting is playing an increasingly important role in the planning of commercial real estate, cities and scenic spots, and also promoting the market capacity to usher in a period of rapid improvement. Urban lighting continues to change and grow, and the night scene of the city becomes more and more beautiful

in the "Red Sea" wave of traditional lighting, the advantages of landscape lighting such as high gross profit and high return are bound to become the market focus of more and more led enterprises. Yuejing lighting pays attention to the new opportunities of the industry. "The market strategy needs strong products to cooperate. We always advocate good products and do a good job in every product with the principle of not disappointing consumers. This requires customers with similar ideas and consistent goals to jointly develop and win the market."

the future urban construction will play an important role in promoting the development of LED industry. Shanghai new composite wires can replace metal materials, and have been in the leading position in the national night lighting and urban construction, promoting technological change and the arrival of a new round of industrial development. Landscape lighting is once again popular. In order to grasp the reform trend of a new round of urban development, enterprises need it urgently

in terms of channels, at present, the main purchasing force of LED outdoor lighting products is local municipal engineering. At present, Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition is in a hot period of exhibition, helping enterprises to dig up power supply: 380V ± 10%/50hz/3-phase 5-wire system; Explore the huge business opportunities of current urban construction, gather industry decision-makers, create a professional platform for the preferred outdoor lighting project in East China, and layout future development

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