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Langjiu, Dukang and xiaomuduxian were found to have excessive packaging, high appearance and light luxury style or become a new fashion

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core tip: Baijiu packaging is in trouble again! However, this is nothing new about over packaging, but a "story" year after year. On May 9, the official

Baijiu packaging from the Shanghai market supervision and Administration Bureau had another accident! However, this is nothing new about over packaging, but a "story" year after year

on May 9, it was learned from the official website of Shanghai market supervision and administration bureau that according to the results of the 2020 Shanghai liquor (excessive) packaging supervision and spot check of our products, the liquor produced by Sichuan gulinang distillery Co., Ltd., Ruyang Dukang Brewing Co., Ltd., Guizhou xiaomuduxian liquor Co., Ltd. and other manufacturers was found to be unqualified

according to the "2020 Shanghai alcohol commodity (excessive) packaging supervision and spot check results", 88 batches of products, including Guodian liquor produced by Guizhou Moutai distillery (Group) Xijiu Co., Ltd., Xifeng Liquor Produced by Shaanxi Xifeng Liquor Co., Ltd., and wulianghong Luzhou flavor Baijiu produced by Yibin Wuliangye Co., Ltd., which can make the lower beam fall along the lead screw, meet the relevant standards

what attracts much attention are Longci original liquor (V50) produced by Jiangsu lanhuaci Liquor Co., Ltd. (specification and model 500ml, production date/batch number//), langpai Tequ Luzhou flavor Baijiu T6 Elite Edition produced by Sichuan Gulin Lang distillery Co., Ltd. (specification and model 500ml, production date/batch number//), Dukang No. 1 Luzhou flavor Baijiu produced by Ruyang Dukang Liquor Co., Ltd. (specification and model 500ml, production date/batch number//) The packaging porosity of xiaomuduxian wine (Collection) (specification and model 500ml, production date/batch number//) produced by Guizhou xiaomuduxian wine industry Co., Ltd. is unqualified

up to now, Baijiu packaging has become an important identification element of products. It not only carries the brand culture, but also plays an important role in anti-counterfeiting. It is understandable that Baijiu enterprises pay attention to product packaging

however, nowadays, the packaging of many products has deviated from their original functions and become "flashy". Excessive packaging not only increases the cost of products, increases the burden on consumers, but also causes a serious waste of resources

with regard to the excessive packaging of Baijiu, government regulation and consumer feedback are two diametrically opposite directions. Over the past two decades, in the midst of fighting and killing, Baijiu packaging has increasingly run counter to simplicity, and "luxury" packaging with exquisite materials, exquisite design and magnificent atmosphere can be seen everywhere. The reason is self-evident. With young consumers gradually becoming the main body of the market and the advent of the beauty era, consumers are more willing to pay for high-value goods

in fact, the market of Baijiu packaging is diversified, which all depends on the taste of consumers. In recent years, some high-value and light luxury brands of Baijiu have won the favor of young people with refreshing personalized packaging, which is indeed worth learning from

especially the light bottle wine represented by jiangxiaobai and waizuilang, or some wine products with novel and fashionable packaging, through the packaging of high beauty and light luxury style, it is easy to operate, which not only reduces the cost, but also is more popular with young consumers

therefore, rather than dealing with excessive packaging across the board on the supply side, the regulatory authorities should follow the trend of the times, guide the consumption trend of the whole society on the consumer side, and actively advocate a simple consumption concept

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