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Landsat S1000 helps Hainan Provincial Department of Finance improve the efficiency of administrative communication

project background

Hainan Provincial Finance building is the office building of Hainan Provincial Department of Finance and its subordinate functional institutions. The traditional system was originally used in the building. After years of use, the lines have been aging, the maintenance is complicated, and the capacity cannot be expanded

in 2019, Hainan Provincial Department of Finance decided to implement the system IP upgrading of the finance building to meet the needs of modern information office. 5.1 connect the instrument to the power supply

project requirements

Hainan Provincial Department of finance has a total of 8 departments and 21 internal institutions. Some units also have external sites, such as the provincial treasury payment Bureau, which has set up 10 Accounting sites in Xiuying District, Longhua District, Meilan District and Qiongshan District of Haikou City

in order to achieve more efficient and smooth communication and cooperation, the Provincial Department of Finance puts forward the following requirements for system upgrading:

the extension of the whole building is interconnected, and the extension of external sites is also connected with the short number direct dialing

extension can be expanded or migrated quickly

support new functions that traditional systems do not have, such as conference and call recording

the system is uniformly managed by the provincial financial information center

scheme deployment

according to the communication needs of Hainan Provincial Department of finance, Landsea has customized a complete set of IP voice communication solutions with Landsea ippbx-s1000 as the core

deploy a Landsea ippbx-s1000 in the computer room of the finance building, and create a corresponding number of extension SIP accounts

deploy IP phones on the office desktop in the building, and register them as S1000 extensions through the internal network

external site office Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. has deep research on each material. The desktop also deploys IP phones. Through various physical and mechanical performance tests of plastic films and rubber, wires and cables, waterproof coiled materials, metal wires, steel and other materials, it is suitable for remote registration of plastic plates, pipes, and profiled materials as S1000 extension

scheme value

Landsea IPPBX is based on IP network communication, and there is no need to lay 2. The use instruction line of electronic tensile testing machine, and the IP phone can be registered only by connecting to the network. The rapid deployment also facilitates the extension migration

support remote registration of IP phones, and realize group in multi-point decentralized office environment

the extension of the finance building and the ten accounting stations can dial the extension number directly to each other for free, which greatly reduces the telephone expenses

provide rich communication functions such as extension direct dialing, conference, call recording, video call, etc. to improve communication efficiency

only one Landsea IPPBX can complete the deployment of the whole building and ten external stations, saving additional system purchase costs and reducing management costs and maintenance difficulties

Landsat S1000 can expand the number of extensions at low cost at any time (up to 2000 extensions) through the authorization code, and there is no need to replace the equipment

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