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The Ministry of agriculture requires to vigorously promote the trusteeship of agricultural production, with a long-term vision and far-reaching intention, which will play an important role in solving the problems of "unable to plant land" and "bad land" in some areas. What's more, it interferes with the universal experimental machine. The channels for selling experimental machines in the on-site market include manufacturers, dealers and traders. What's clear is that the value of agricultural machinery in agricultural production trusteeship is more prominent, and it plays a great role in "planting land" and "planting good land"

from the current situation, on the one hand, agricultural machinery is definitely needed to continuously expand the scale of land management through land circulation. On the other hand, although there is no transfer of land management rights, through agricultural production trusteeship, all or part of the operation links such as farming, planting, prevention and collection are entrusted to agricultural productive service organizations. Ordinary farmers can also enjoy the services of large-scale agricultural machinery. This form will play an increasingly important role in the future

Chen Xiwen, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and deputy director of the economic committee, once said in an interview: "there are still many concerns about farmers giving up their land management rights completely. Therefore, at present, we should adhere to the two leg approach, not only to promote the scale operation of centralized land circulation, but also to develop the scale operation of land trusteeship, substitute farming and purchase services, many of which are agricultural machinery services."

in recent years, with a large number of rural young and middle-aged workers going out to work, the agricultural labor force has shown an aging and part-time trend. In some areas, there is a shortage of agricultural labor force, and the situation that farmers are unwilling to cultivate and unable to cultivate is becoming increasingly serious. Because of conventional electronic omnipotence, speed control industry production trusteeship is adopted to carry out agriculture, and specialized and large-scale services are provided through service organizations such as agricultural machinery cooperatives, which can not only enable some farmers to continue to engage in family operations and share the benefits of large-scale operations, but also introduce advanced and applicable varieties, technologies, equipment and other elements into agricultural production through the specialized services of service organizations, and the value of agricultural mechanization is more prominent, It can effectively solve the problem of farmers' inability to plant land

the trusteeship service cannot "show its strength" without agricultural machinery. Specialized service organizations such as agricultural machinery cooperatives use large, advanced and environmental friendly agricultural machinery to carry out custody services. They often encounter words such as "gauge distance" and "displacement" to achieve standardized and large-scale production, which will greatly improve agricultural benefits and increase the income of entrusted farmers. At the same time, specialized trusteeship service organizations can centrally purchase agricultural means of production, give full play to the operating capacity of agricultural machinery and equipment, and adopt new varieties to implement standardized production, which can realize agricultural cost saving and efficiency increase. It not only solves the problem of "who will plant the land", but also "grow good land", promotes green agricultural production and sustainable development, and makes a positive contribution to China's food security

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