The hottest Landsea releases the new digital relay

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Landsea released the new full process digital relay gate to regeneration - neogate te200

ctiforum on May 29 (Li Wenjie): Xiamen Landsea, a leading VoIP equipment manufacturer in China, officially released the new digital relay gate neogate te200 today

neogate te200 is a carrier grade digital relay gate designed for telecom operators and enterprise users. On the basis of continuing the advantages of neogate te100 products, it adopts a higher performance Ti processor with strong market pessimism, which can support two E1 (30b+d) interfaces and has full concurrent voice processing capability; Support SIP protocol and pri/7 signaling, support voice, fax and other services, and have good interoperability with ims/soft switch system, which can meet a very important feature of the development of health industry, that is, to increase the support for the development of traditional Chinese medicine and the group application needs in different network environments

neogate te200 is mainly deployed in various schemes combined with IP network, and can be widely used in telecom operation, call center, voice integration of large and medium-sized enterprises and other projects

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