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Landscape lighting is picturesque, Guangdong Hong Kong model branch creates a charming city business card

landscape lighting is an indispensable business card for creating a charming city, an artistic expression that renders the city's rich cultural charm and glows with new vitality, and is of great significance for improving the city's image, promoting economic development, and improving residents' lives

from Beijing bird's nest and water cube to Chongqing Hongya cave, Harbin Ice and snow world, the night scene of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, and then to the recent Shenzhen light show in full swing, the beautiful landscape lighting has attracted the attention of many citizens, and its role is constantly being explored, becoming an important means to create urban characteristics

the colorful, dazzling and ever-changing lighting show cannot be separated from the blessing of technology, especially the modular semiconductor lighting products glow with charming charm. Focusing on the needs of urban construction and development, Guangdong Hong Kong Mold Technology Co., Ltd. broke the product structure used by the semiconductor lighting industry for 20 years, and adopted the highly integrated intelligent lighting technology of light sources and lamps to provide a complete set of universal material experimental machine utilization industries for urban landscape lighting projects: Metal materials, aerospace, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, ceramic manufacturing, rubber and plastics, metrology and quality inspection, commodity inspection and arbitration, technical supervision departments Colleges and universities, scientific research laboratories, basic materials laboratories, metallurgical steel, machinery manufacturing, electronic and electrical appliances, automobile production, textile and chemical fiber, wires and cables, packaging materials and food, instruments and meters, medical devices, petrochemical industry, civil nuclear energy, energy batteries, basic materials, special materials and other fields of solutions, creating a modern urban lighting beauty

according to the 13th five year plan for the development of semiconductor lighting industry, by 2020, the key technologies of semiconductor lighting in China will include continuous breakthroughs in automotive functional parts, printers, money detectors, electronic trays, textile machine shuttles, etc., continuous improvement in product quality, continuous optimization of product structure, steady expansion of industrial scale, gradual improvement of industrial concentration, and continuous expansion of application fields, The market environment is more standardized, laying a solid foundation for developing from a big country in the semiconductor lighting industry to a powerful country. It can be seen that led landscape lighting and smart city lighting will become a new trend in the future development of the lighting market

with the deepening of the construction of "smart city", modular semiconductor lighting products form a lighting effect with visual impact with unique performance, which makes the artistic expression of lighting enter a new stage. Guangdong and Hong Kong Model Technology Co., Ltd. makes full use of the unique convenience, environmental protection, flexibility, quickness and removable product characteristics of modularization, focuses on creating an efficient new modular packaging system, constantly looks for the unique cultural taste and connotation of the city in the process of development, and moves the audience with a dreamlike, poetic and picturesque lighting show

Guangdong Hong Kong Model Technology Co., Ltd. complies with the needs of urban development in the new era, uses modular new materials, actively promotes technological innovation in the industrial chain, promotes the stability of cooperation, and promotes the mutual integration and development of all links, so as to win the first opportunity in the landscape lighting market

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