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Introduction: Songpan is guarding the gold mine development tourism. With the opening of Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport and the opening of minjiangyuan International Hotel, a five-star hotel, Songpan is located in Chuanzhusi Town, Songpan County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province, as if it showed its prosperity overnight. It is tourism that brings Chuanzhu temple

With the opening of Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport and the opening of minjiangyuan International Hotel, a five-star hotel, Songpan is located in Chuanzhusi Town, Songpan County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province, which is opposite to the tension experiment. It seems that it is prosperous overnight. "It is tourism that has brought about the economic development of Chuanzhu temple." Mr. Xiao, who couldn't enjoy hot water bathing in Songpan county during the Spring Festival a few years ago, was filled with joy when he saw dozens of hotels and restaurants popping up in Chuanzhu temple

Mr. lizhizheng, President of the travel agency branch of Chengdu Tourism Association, told that Chuanzhu temple has superior geographical location and convenient transportation. It is 42 kilometers away from Huanglong natural scenic spot, 88 kilometers away from Jiuzhaigou Natural Scenic Spot, 17 kilometers away from Songpan ancient town, 43 kilometers away from Ruoergai DACAO, and 10 kilometers away from Jiuhuang International Airport. It is an ideal place for Chinese and foreign tourists to stay in Huanglong Jiuzhaigou

"without the passenger flow meter of the 'May Day' golden week, the daily passenger flow of the airport has reached about 800 people per day." The staff of Jiuhuang airport told me. Jiuhuang airport has brought opportunities for Songpan county to build a big tourism

Jiuhuang airport has direct flights with more than 20 cities in China, making it easier for Chinese and foreign tourists to go to Jiuzhaigou Huanglong. Many tourists on the plane are concerned about whether there are good hotels after landing at Chuanzhu temple. Therefore, the opening of minjiangyuan international hotel has laid a platform for the development of Songpan tourism economy

only focusing on interests, there is no development

April 8 is a sunny day. Minjiangyuan International Hotel, the first five-star hotel in Chuanzhu temple, was officially opened. When the national flag, industry flag and store flag are stretching and rising in the wind, Chen Maohua, chairman of minjiangyuan International Hotel, also has a sunny smile. However, seeing that local government officials such as xiaoyoucai, Secretary of the Songpan county Party committee, and Yan, director of the Aba Prefecture Tourism Bureau, were happier than Chen Maohua. Xiao Youcai said, "as the Songpan county Party committee and the county government develop tourism as a pillar industry, we are strengthening the hardware construction of the tourism industry. At present, although there are 51 relatively large hotels in Songpan County, minjiangyuan is the first five-star tourist hotel, which not only improves the tourism reception conditions of Songpan, but also plays a leading role in the formation and development of the Songpan tourism industry chain, which can be said to be a" milestone " Meaning of. Because this project with a total investment of 200 million brings not only the profit and tax contribution of an enterprise to the local economy, but also its promotion of local tertiary industries and its "demonstration" role as a high-quality project to attract investment. It is reported that Songpan is rich in gold, but they are now guarding the gold mine and actively developing tourism resources. Why is this

in this regard, Xiao Youcai explained: "Songpan county is rich in gold, manganese, copper and other mineral resources, of which zhangmei gold mine was very famous during the period of the Republic of China; Songpan is particularly rich in tourism resources. Songpan is an ethnic area with relatively backward economy, and these two resources are very important for local economic development. Economic construction is the center, and only when economic construction is up can we solve all problems and promote stability."

the key question is what resources should be developed first. The idea of this leadership is: Songpan county is located in the upper reaches of Minjiang River and Yangtze River. The protection of ecological vegetation is very important, and the protection of ecological environment also protects tourism resources; Moreover, mineral resources are left by our ancestors and cannot be artificially destroyed. We cannot destroy the foundation of long-term development for immediate interests. Therefore, "we have decided to focus on the development of tourism, take tourism as the leading role to drive the tertiary industry and expand the tourism industry; we will no longer develop mineral resources and take active and effective protection. Many large enterprises have contacted to cooperate in mining gold, and we have declined." Xiao said

can the development of tourism industry guarantee the long-term development of Songpan county? Xiao Youcai believes that only a sustainable tourism industry can bring long-term development to the local economy. Mineral resources are always excavated, but tourism resources with cultural connotation are inexhaustible. Therefore, "First of all, we should explore human resources. Jiuhuang is a world natural heritage, which should have a matching culture. Songpan is rich in Tibetan and Qiang cultural resources. Recently, Songpan county is to build three scenic spots: Huanglong, Munigou and huahaizi. The next step is to develop Hongshi Park, so as to build a national natural scenery tourist resort; the second is to build a national ancient city cultural resort represented by the ancient city of Songpan in the Tang Dynasty; and the third is to build a Red Army Long March cultural tourism You Shengdi. "

in order to build Songpan's large tourism industry, Songpan county Party committee and government set up a leading group to strengthen the improvement of tourism software and service level; Strengthen the management of functional departments to ensure the "abdication" of enterprise power and the "arrival" of services; A series of policies have been issued to satisfy investors and take into account the long-term economic development of Songpan

Songpan has a promising tourism prospect

4 at 8 p.m. on August 8, Chen Maohua sat on the sofa in the multi-function hall on the third floor of minjiangyuan District B, leaning against the back of the sofa because of fatigue, but he still didn't forget to tell the hotel manager to "serve more delicious food to Korean guests". There are many guests waiting to watch the first folk song and dance performance in minjiangyuan. On the day of its opening, minjiangyuan received dozens of tourist groups from South Korea and France. The bosses of more than 20 tourism companies in South Korea have signed long-term cooperation contracts with minjiangyuan. See some modern style rooms are still in a hurry to improve facilities. Every day, so many noble guests arrive at Chuanzhu Temple by plane that Chen Maohua was busy discussing the construction of the second phase of minjiangyuan project with relevant personnel as soon as he opened his business in minjiangyuan

the second phase of Minyuan project has more perfect functions than the first phase, and will be completed this year. By then, minjiangyuan hotel will have 1000 guest rooms, and the reception capacity will be greatly increased. Chen Maohua, who is optimistic about the tourism prospects of Jiuhuang and the tourism economic development of Songpan, said that in twoorthree years, he will invest in another five-star hotel, and the preferred address is the area with developed tourism resources. Therefore, the reason why Chen Maohua invested in tourist hotels in Chuanzhu technical name technical parameter temple is self-evident. Chen Maohua stressed, "we are optimistic about the investment environment for tourism development in Songpan county." Now hotels are a low profit industry, and Chen Maohua is a builder. Why doesn't he invest in the real estate industry that is still promising? Chen Maohua said, "now the hotel industry is not optimistic. But when the tourism industry develops, tourism hotels will naturally make money." "Investing in real estate is risky. Besides, investing in hotels is still investing in the real estate industry. The source of Minjiang River will increase in value with the development of Songpan's tourism economy. The tourism industry is a sunrise industry, and I hope the state can strongly support it. But the support of the state should not be generalized, nor should it be carried out one after another. For example, it used to support real estate, education in the first two years, and now tourism." Chen Maohua said

due to the long payback time of investment in hotels, Chen Maohua's relatives and friends are not optimistic, but he is optimistic. Every investment has its own ideas. If everyone succeeds, there will be no winner. "I am optimistic about Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong. They are not only from Sichuan, but also from all over China and the world." Chen said. At present, China is the second largest security country in the world after the United States. In the past, Chinese people never had Sundays, but now they have long holidays. Chinese people are going to enjoy life. Star rated hotels are a high-quality place to enjoy life services. To build a five-star hotel in Chuanzhu temple, only by providing five-star services to guests, can guests who may cause local fasteners to loosen due to high-grade frequently applied equipment be left in Chuanzhu temple

"in fact, our business philosophy is to provide five-star services to all guests who come to minjiangyuan." Chen Maohua said, "Maybe I'll leave it to five-star hotels all my life. The first driving force is the state's policy of supporting the tourism industry. The second is that the Chinese government has realized the importance of developing the tourism industry, but without private investment, the country alone can't develop. This requires someone to do it. People always have to do things. As long as they work hard, success and failure are one thing. Then again, I believe that the future of Chuanzhusi, Songpan and dajiuzhai will be even better Beautiful. The government has invested a lot of money to build the airport, and is improving it

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