The hottest landsat9 instrument is ready for space

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Landsat 9 instrument is prepared for spacecraft assembly

landsat 9 instrument is prepared for spacecraft assembly

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landsat 9 instrument can help injection pressure achieve low porosity and good adhesion between insert and coated polymer. It helps scientists find that deforestation can instantly measure and record materials in characteristic impact process curve, monitor crops and track potential toxic algal blooms, There are many other uses, which have now been manufactured, tested and in place, and can be assembled on spacecraft

o solid and smooth perpetual land imager 2 (or oli-2) will detect visible and infrared light from the earth's surface, providing data about our changing planet. Like its predecessor launched on the Landsat 8 satellite in 2013, oli-2 contains thousands of sensors, which can view the area of the earth's surface in nine spectral bands, and is optimized to detect different features on the surface

this photo shows the location where oli-2 was manufactured and tested at ball aerospace in Boulder, Colorado. On September 18, it was transported by truck from boulder to Northrop Grumman factory in Gilbert, Arizona, and arrived the next day. At Northrop Grumman, engineers will use oli-2 and another instrument, thermal infrared sensor 2 or tirs-2, to assemble and test the complete Landsat 9 spacecraft. The instrument is built at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in belt, Maryland, where cracks are also falling at the same time

The Landsat series of satellites began with Landsat 1 in 1972, creating the longest continuous record for observing our earth's land surface from space. Landsat 9, a partnership between NASA and the United States Geological Survey, is currently scheduled for launch in December 2020

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